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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 23, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." and breaking now. all yils on new york city. is it a new case of ebola? how many people did this american patient come in contact with? why health authorities are so concerned about this one. the stunning new images tonight. watch this. that's the alleged gunman, the terror right across the border. armed, racing beside parliament. and tonight, how many times did the suspect come here to the u.s.? the storm zone. the nor'easter slamming into the coast. we're right in the middle of it. while in the west tonight, the pictures coming in right now. the possible tornado. the breaking news. the deadly mid-air collision between a helicopter and a plane. what we're learning right now. and the new findings tonight. a glass of wine or beer, later in life. how much actually helps you. a toast to that.
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good evening and we begin with the breaking headline right here in new york city. a young american doctor back from africa, raced to a new york hospital, a possible new case of ebola. this was the image late today, that ambulance rushing the physician from the aid group doctors without borders to the hospital for testing. dr. craig spencer recently returned from west africa, alerting authorities to a stomach problem and fever. and late today, first responders seen leaving that doctor's home wearing surgical masks. dr. besser is standing by. but first, abc's linsey davis leading us off. >> reporter: inside this ambulance rushing to bellevue hospital today, 33-year-old craig spencer, a doctor without borders physician, suffering from fever and gastrointestinal symptoms. a suspected case of ebola, right in the heart of new york city. dr. spencer had been treating ebola patients in guinea, one of three hotzone countries. last thursday, he flew home, connecting through brussels,
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before arriving at new york's jfk airport. he had been monitoring his temperature, and reported his fever this morning. today, police officers in masks. neighbors anxious. a local councilman trying to calm fears. >> frankly, people in the neighborhood are scared. and some of them are panicked. in fact, i had one gentleman who shouldn't even shake my hand because he was scared. >> reporter: the health department says a team of disease detectives immediately began to actively trace all of the patient's contacts to identify anyone who may be at potential risk. >> our understanding is that very few people were in direct contact with him. >> reporter: in recent days, bellevue hospital has been holding drills in case a possible ebola patient comes through their door. tonight, those plans, going into motion. david, dr. spencer was tested for ebola earlier today. we are expecting to have the results back in just a few hours. david? >> linsey, thank you. dr. richard besser back with us
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tonight. when people see this headline, they think, new york city, 8 million people, we all use the subways, come in contact with a lot of people today. how can we put fears to rest? >> reporter: it is so important to remember, even in such a big city, you only get ebola in you are in contact with a patient's body fluids. this is a doctor. we hope he reached out for help with the earliest symptom. >> let's get right back to that map, rich. the four hospitals in this country that specialize in ebola. they trained for this. he was brought to a different hospital here in new york. but still, you say there were encouraging signs? >> reporter: very different from dallas where they didn't expect an ebola patient. here, the ambulance worker worse fully suited up. when we got to the hospital, he was wearing full gear. this could be a very common infection from west africa. even stomach flu. we'll know later tonight. >> of course you'll stay on it. dr. besser, thank you. now, to the other dropping story at this hour. the stunning new images of that moment of terror, just 60 miles north of the border.
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video now of the alleged gunman. watch this. a car approaches. the crowd sprinting away. and here's why. the gunman, jumping out of a car, carrying a rifle. running outside parliament there, as bystanders race for cover. what we're learning tonight about the suspect. how many times he'd been to the u.s. and we have new images of the victim. a young father and soldier who loved dogs. he saved one. abc's dan harris is in ottawa again tonight with the incredible new footage. dan? >> reporter: david, good evening. tonight from the scene of the crime, we are just outside canada's parliament building. as you mentioned, we are now getting a vivid new look at the rampage that took place here. about tonight, we're getting a sense just how close the gunman got to this country's prime minister. this is the moment the attack on parliament begins. the new video shows the suspect leaving his car and sprinting towards the parliament building. he's carrying a long gun. terrified people are running away. watch. he steals this black car, drives
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it around to the front steps. the car still moving, he jumps out, races inside, officers in hot pursuit. [ gunfire ] and this is what happens next. [ gunfire ] gunfire echoing off the ornate historical walls of parliament. these right here are the steps the gunman ran up during his rampage. after an all-day lockdown yesterday, today, they are letting us back into the building. the bullet holes were visible everywhere. the gunman then came directly through this entryway where he started tangling with some of the guards. shots where fired, and that's when the gunman started running, again, with bullets flying at him, directly down this hallway. this is the incredible part, the then passed these two rooms which were filled with members of parliament and in fact, in this room was the prime minister himself. amid the chaos, prime minister stephen harper quickly whisked away. but in a small room nearby, this member of parliament was trapped with her 2-month-ofld baby.
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you must have been terrified. >> i was terrified, of course. and the first thing i thought how can i make sure the baby is not yetting and crying? >> reporter: she was saved by this man, the parliament's sargeant of arms, kevin vickers, who shot and killed michael zehaf-bibeau. look at this new video in vickers in the moments immediately afterward. gun still in hand, seemingly completely calm. today on the floor of parliament, he received a standing ovation. and there was also a moment of silence for corporal nathan cirillo, a reservist, father, and dog lover, who was shot and killed while guarding the national war memorial, moments before the gunman attacked parliament. and there's one more emotional moment to tell you about. today, the prime minister of this country took to the floor of parliament and vowed that canada will never be intimidated by terrorists. david? >> dan harris on the scene again tonight. dan, thank you.
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abc chief investigative correspondent brian ross now with what he's learning about the suspect. how many times did he travel to the u.s.? here's what brian learned. >> reporter: 15 years ago, michael bibeau was a chubby student at a private catholic high school. yesterday, he was shot dead, carrying out a one-man suicide mission. this picture, which police say is authentic, but from an unknown source, shows he was armed only with a small caliber winchester hunting rifle. as he stormed parliament, apparently upset because he had not received a passport to head to syria. >> i think the passport figured prominently in his motives. >> reporter: the road to jihad apparently began after he left the catholic high school outside montreal in 1999. over the next ten years, he was little more than one of life's losers, a petty criminal and drug user. often homeless. his conversion to islam led him to this mosque, outside vancouver, three years ago.
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where he was remembered today as troubled. >> he was the kind of person that people around him wouldn't feel too comfortable hanging around. >> reporter: even would a passport, bibeau was able to cross the border into the u.s. at least four times. most recently last year. at a time authorities say he had already become radicalized. his parents said today they had not seen him for five years until his mother had lunch with him last week. they said they are crying, not for their son, but for the soldier their son killed. >> four times he came to the u.s. brian ross, thank you. tonight here, severe weather on both coasts. in the west, images coming in at this hour. a confirmed tornado now in washington state. destroying buildings there. while in the east tonight, a nor'easter hitting massachusetts and new england hard. just look and listen. that ferocious storm leaving flood waters in its wake. cars stalled and this man getting a lift to safety from a team of firefighters. abc's rob marciano is in the storm zone tonight.
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>> reporter: with howling winds near hurricane strength and nearly a half a foot of rain, the northeast is getting lashed by a nor'easter. conditions in peabody, massachusetts, so severe, schools canceled. drivers there in high water. this man carried to safety by firefighters. along the coast, boats run aground, crashing waves up to 18 feet high, dangerously close to homes. the high waves brought all this sea wood onto the road. they had to bring front loaders out, almost plow it like it was a snowstorm. across the northeast, a tangled mess of downed trees, crushed cars and debris. thick trunked trees snapped clean in half. in connecticut, cown downed power lines sparking this gas fire. >> we periodically go in and monitor to make sure the heat from the fire isn't affecting the home or spreading through it. >> reporter: luckily, no injuries. in rhode island, wind and rain so severe overnight, drivers abandoned their cars. the wind still blowing here just south of boston tonight. the waves still beating up this
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coastline. this is not the strongest storm they'll see this year, but it is certainly a big one. and a slow mover. scheduled to move out even chilly tomorrow, but not before taking a bit of this coastline with it. david? >> all right, hold on. meteorologist rob marciano. rob, thank you. now to the breaking news here and a deadly midair collision in maryland. take a look at the scene tonight. the small plane and a helicopter flying into each other near fredrik municipal airport. three people on board the helicopter killed when it broke into pieces. two people on the plane hurt. they survived when an emergency parachute deployed. reports say the helicopter may have been on a training flight. tonight, the ntsb is investigating the crush. now, to those defective a airbags. authorities say they can explode like ieds. tonight, some families told to put their loved ones in the backseat. told to disable their airbag even if there isn't a new one ready. abc's david kerley and our team
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going right to the manufacturer. >> i'm with abc. >> reporter: tonight, takata industries, maker of those defective airbag parts. those parts were made here at this plant in washington state. >> i'm going to have to ask you to step off the properly. >> okay, no problem. >> reporter: and this facility in mexico. investigators want to know if takata provided misleading information to federal safety regulators. the problem? the defective inflater can explode with too much force, shattering the metal into sharlds, shrapnel, basically, believed to have killed four people. takata says it will cooperate fully with the recall. already, there are not enough replacements for the nearly 8 million recalled vehicles. toyota will disable passenger airbags and put on this sign if it can't get replacements. legal, since the original inflalter is now considered defective. two of the ten companies recalling bags, bmw and honda, say customers will have to wait. it's all leaving consumers confused.
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so, my carp's model year is covered in the recall. i'm headed to the deal earl. to see if i can get a new airbag. but it's not that simple. >> i have to get your vin number. >> reporter: only certain vehicles in model-year-olds are affected. the vehicle identification number is key. >> brings up no open recalls at this time. >> so, no bag, i'm done. >> you're in the clear and safe. >> reporter: you don't have to go to the dealer. the government website for the vin numbers is back up. i went to the manufacture site tonight and it worked. david? >> that's good to hear. david kerley, thank you. and now to a different image from the highway tonight. what seems to be a faceoff between a patrol officer and the bikers who suddenly surround him. you'll see it and here's abc's brandi hitt from california now. >> reporter: watch as a swarm of motorcycle riders takes over this northern california highway. speeding past a mini van, popping wheelies. then, look there on the right. a california highway patrol officer, his siren on, tries to pull over the leader.
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but the riders taunt him, waving at him to go away. that officer eventually forced to pull over and call for backup. >> just because they're skilled at doing this type of riding that they're not going to have an incident. >> reporter: it's not the first time we've seen this type of biker swarm. just this week, 100 riders taking over the streets of philadelphia. and in new york last year, nine bikers charged after chasing down an suv and beating the driver in front of his family. the highway patrol tells us, if you are surrounded and feel unsafe, don't engage. instead, stay at a safe speed or pull over. and if you feel really threatened, you can always call 911. tonight, california police combing through this video for clues, trying to identify these reckless riders who could not face criminal charges. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. now to washington, and the white house. and those new images of an intruder on the north lawn. this time, though, attack dogs rushing in to secret service,
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too, just weeks after that other intruder got through the front door. abc's pierre thomas now, walking us through the takedown. those docks taking aim. >> reporter: this white house fence jumper didn't get very far. a fox news cameraman on the north lawn captured the scene as a secret service dog attacks the suspect just four seconds after he touches down. two seconds later, another canine joins the fight. in nine seconds, the officers are there. it's over in 17 seconds. >> he didn't get like, ten feet past the fence. >> reporter: 34 days ago, a fence jumper made it deep inside the white house, but dominic adesanya was stopped cold. he had posted anti-obama messages online. and last july was arrested trying to get into the white house. tonight, he is charged with making threats and assaulting officers. k-9 officers named hurricane and jordan. >> the animals that performed so bravely last night, i think the individual last night probably saw pretty vividly why we all
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keep our distance. >> reporter: the two dogs were treated for minor bruising, but they have been cleared for duty, and david, they are back on the job today. >> pierre thomas at the white house. pierre, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. and if you are drowning in bills, the stunning moment tonight for one family. the real money team is back here. the expert who saved $20,000 using an app on his phone. tonight, what he's doing for one family and you can do it, too. then, the new medical findings this evening. a glass of wine or a beer later in life. how much can it actually help you? you'll raise a glass to this one. and have you ever seen this movie? well, tonight, goodfellas versus the simpsons. the actor claiming the simpsons stole him. homer and marriage arenge aren' be happy about this one. when change is in the air you see things in a whole new way.
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$15,000 in credit card bills. tonight, how much one expert saved with a phone app. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: thomas and megan snead are determined to deal with their debt for the sake of their 1-year-old daughter, nora. he's a web developer, she's a nurse. >> we're like a lot of people. we both graduated with college debt. we put our honeymoon on a credit card. we had a baby a year later. we were 30 grand in debt, just like that. >> reporter: to cut the biggest bill, housing, they moved back in with megan's parents. but for that extra edge, we called in will parker, who climbed out of his own $20,000 debt in just nine months. you're not in finance. you are just a regular guy that got himself out of debt. >> anybody can do it. >> reporter: his first step. reach for your phone instead of your wallet and track what you're spending. >> you have to know where the money is going. >> reporter: using apps like simple, wallet up or mint. >> keeps it in front of my face. >> reporter: tip two, eliminate
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late fees and high interest rates. if you are late on a payment, just once, some banks hike their interest rates from the average 15% to 30%. making just the minimum payments -- it would cost you an extra $18,000 in interest to pay off a $5,000 debt. tip three, careful about where you get that cash. atm fees have gone up. it can now cost $4 for out of network transactions. so, use locators on your phone to find the nearest no fee atms. parker says it's all about setting a budget and sticking to it. your financial freedom, in the palm of your hand. so, when do you expect to be debt free? >> we're hoping by christmas. >> reporter: by christmas. >> thank you. >> reporter: by christmas. and david, i graduated from college owing about $14,000 on those credit cards. i used budgeting websites to track those expenses, guess what? i said it off. >> and now you are here. thanks, gio.
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months behind bars and the connecticut prison made famous in the netflix show. and when we come back here on a thursday night, goodfellas versus the simpsons. the actor now claiming his character was stolen. whose side are you on? when we come back.
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finally, homer and marge with something new to talk about. an actor claiming his character on the simpsons, stolen from goodfellas. here's abc's paula faris. >> reporter: one of the original gangsters in "goodfellas," and "the godfather part ii," now taking o a hit on homer? frank sivero -- >> wt are you doing? >> i thought you meant -- >> reporter: who played mobster frank cardone saying this cartoon, simpsons tough guy louie, is based off him. >> whoa! where did that come from? whoa! >> reporter: suing the show for $250 million. >> read them and weep. >> reporter: it's not the first time a public figure has accused something of stealing their likeness. but proving it in court can be costly and its subjective.
6:58 pm
♪ this is real life ♪ i'm not posing for a magazi magazine ♪ >> reporter: kim karashian settled with old navy after claiming this model was a stand in for her. but when johnny depp openly based his captain jack sparrow on keith richards -- richards joined the cast as sparrow's father. as for frank sivero, it's quite possibly too late for that. paula faris, abc news, new york. >> we'll see. and we leave you tonight with a look at the partial solar eclipse this evening, as seen from west virginia. we'll see you tomorrow night. good night.
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